Press Release

Funding from Professional Service Advancement Support Scheme (PASS) of Commerce and Economic Bureau, Government Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been approved for our new project titled "Outreaching for Professional Auditors and Enhancing Competitiveness of Local Professional in South East Asia Market". The project will be launched in collaboration with Qualification Framework Secretariat with the sponsorship from Soil and Materials Engineering Co. Ltd and Castco Testing Centre Ltd. and will commence in August 2017 for a period of 15 months.

Article in the Inauguration Dinner of the Hong Kong Licensed Plumbing Professi  onals Association Limited titled “從質量管理探討水務工程的品質保證制度”.  Brief conclusion are given below. Click here for complete content of article.

1. 從質量管理看,自願性參與計劃都需要政府作為購買方,在標書,合約文件裏面列明質量要求才可做到效果
2. 從執行工程品質保證管理看,加強對承建商和分判商的監察應包括認可機構作為第三方的工程管理系統和紀錄進行隨機審核; 承建商作為第二方的內部審核; 和前線跟進工程抽查有效紀錄的第一方審核人員。監控工程物料和檢測紀錄等多方面
3. 從專業角度看,持牌水喉匠和一二三方審核人員必需是有個人專業責任的全職人員


Guest speaker in City Forum at Victoria Park on "How Safe are the Bridge's Structure"

HKICA was listed as one of the Professional Institutions in the in the May 2017 Issue "BELT and ROAD - Hong Kong:A keylink for the Belt and Road" published by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region. Click here for the publication.

Discussion Meeting with Works Bureau with HKICA recommendations on Review on "Professional Qualification of Testing and Certification personnel in construction work"

Discussion Meeting Housing Authority on "Auditor in risk management of materials controlling (Quality Control System)"

Fact Sheet - Opportunity for Testing and Certfication Auditors