Grades and Criterias

Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditors classified certified auditors as follows:

 Grade Applicability
Lead Auditor Experienced professionals who have extensive experience in auditing. Applies to those conducting second or third party audits.
Requirement : degree or above and 15 years of working experience with a minimum of 12 years of professional experience
Auditor Auditors who conduct full system audits as a member of an audit team and/or as a sole auditor. Audits may be internal full system audits, second-party full system audits, or third-party audits for certification purposes.
Requirement : degree or above and 4 years of working experience with a minimum of 2 years of professional experience and at least 4 complete QMS audits the total duration of which shall be a minimum of 20 days auditing with a minimum of 12 days on site.
Assistant Auditor Appropriate for professionals who have attended an auditor training course, but that do not or have not yet had the opportunity to conduct audits.
Requirement : degree or equivalent and 1 year of working experience
Internal Auditor For those who conduct internal partial-system audits of a management system/s, or a supplier’s management system.
Requirement : Higher Diploma, Associate degree or equivalent and 2 years of professional experience
Other classes of HKICA are as follows:
Certified Manager
Registered Senior Inspector
Registered Inspector